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Summer Flare

Title: Summer Flare
Author: Bizarity
Rating: PG
Word Count: 791
Summary: It seems like an idyllic summer day at the Creevey household until unvoice resentment rears its ugly head.
Warnings: None
Notes: For Colin Creevey.

It was the perfect summer's day. The sunlight made the grass look greener and the sky seem a more intense blue. The slight breeze stopped it from being too hot and caused tree branches to wave. Colin Creevey lay on his stomach with 'The Complete Book Of Spells: Grade Two' propped in front of him. He felt the heat pouring over him but was still comfortable as he flipped through all the spells he'd be able to learn next year. He was particularly looking forward to the spell which made objects lighter and easier to carry. He looked up when he heard the tune of the local ice-cream van immediately followed by the sound of footsteps behind him. Dennis was grinning at him and digging into his pocket.

"Fancy an ice-cream?" Colin nodded. He brushed the grass off his trousers as he got up and the two brothers headed towards the bus stop that doubled as ice-cream van stop. Once there, Dennis handed the money to his brother who joined the queue of noisy children. He ordered two apple ice lollies and handed one to Dennis before unwrapping his own. They walked back to the front garden in silence, enjoying their treats. Colin collapsed on the grass, careful to close the book so he wouldn't stain it. Dennis joined him and smiled around his ice lolly.

"Hi mum," said Colin when he noticed his mother standing in the doorway. "Thanks." He gestured with half an ice lolly.

"Just checking you got back okay."

"Mum, I'm twelve. I spend all term alone at school. I think I can manage going to get an ice-cream."

"I know," she gave Colin a small smile before turning to Dennis. "I'm going to take you to buy your school uniform tomorrow, okay?"

"Mum! No, please..." Dennis trailed off after a look from his mother. Colin went back to his ice lolly as she turned to go back inside. He'd almost finished it when he looked up at Dennis again. His fist was clenched around the wooden stick and there was liquid dripping down his hand.

"Dennis! Dennis, you're dripping." Dennis looked up and then threw his unfinished lolly aside. "Dennis? What's wrong?"

"I don't want to go shopping for school." Dennis was frowning at the mess of melting apple lolly in the grass.

"It won't be that..." Colin started.

"I don't want to go to Bracken Wood. I want to go to Hogwarts like you," said Dennis in a rush. "It's not fair that you get to go and I don't."

"But, Dennis... You can't do magic. Sorry."

"I can too! I know I can. I can do it!" Colin watched his brother stand up and start stalking round the garden. He'd never seen anyone in his family this worked up about anything. He was about to get up and fetch his mother when Dennis snatched up the book from beside him and threw it down into the flower bed. Colin got up to rescue his book only to see that it was burning bright blue. For a moment Colin stood still, watching his band-new book blackening round the edges, blue smoke being taken away by the summer breeze. Colin turned wide eyes on his brother wondering how he could do this to him. The breeze changed slightly and the smell of burning paper set Colin on fire and he screamed, throwing himself at Dennis. Both brothers crashed to the ground yelling insults at each other. It was Colin who calmed first.

"I can buy a new book," he yelled before realising he didn't need to yell any more. "I can buy a new book..." His voice was back to normal as his brain started to work. "We'll have to go to Diagon Alley anyway, to get stuff for you. You can do magic! I'm sure you're letter will be here soon. They send them out to anyone who can do magic. Absolutely everyone. You can go to Hogwarts!"

"Really?" Dennis was grinning again. "I don't have to go to boring school here?" Colin grinned back. "Wow. I get to go to Hogwarts... I really can do magic. Is it brilliant, Colin? Will I get to be in Gryffindor with you? I bet all the people are really nice. There won't be any bullies like there are around here!"

"Well," Colin thought of Draco Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherins. "Well, that's not totally true. There are some bullies." The smile fell from Dennis's face and he looked again at the burning book. "But you'll be all right, Dennis. I'll look after you." As the smile returned to Dennis's face Colin knew he'd do anything to keep his brother safe.
Tags: all my fic, character: colin creevey, character: dennis creevey, gen, length: ficlet
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That's adorable! Oh Creevey boys how I love you.